Research and Development

Molteni Farmaceutici has always been committed to the research and implementation of therapeutic solutions for the treatment of pain and addictions. Starting in the year 2000, the company has intensified its research activity, making use of its own internal operating unit and the collaboration of the most important Italian university centers. In particular, in the therapeutic area of addictions, a scouting process has been activated for new molecules in the early stage and new indications, concentrations and formulations are currently being developed and registered to guarantee increasingly better compliance and adherence in the treatment of narcotic drugs. In the pain treatment area, the commitment is aimed at consolidating its position in the specialist sector through a portfolio management strategy that also involves the acquisition of international licenses for innovative products. Lastly, with technological innovations and the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, in 2006 Molteni founded Molteni Therapeutics, the company's association and spin-off, engaged in the design and development of new medical devices, as well as their application in every field of medicine with particular attention to the use of Photodynamic Therapy for the treatment of ulcers and lesions of various types.