Molteni Farmaceutici is born from an innovation: those sterile vials for hypodermic use produced in an old pharmacy in Piazza della Signoria, an absolute novelty on the Italian pharmaceutical market, represented the innovation of a production technique and the starting point of a successful business venture. The company’s energy and vitality in dealing with market changes have made it what it is today: a true excellence in the Italian and European pharmaceutical panorama.
Over the course of its 125 years of history, innovation in Molteni has developed on 3 channels: research and development of new drugs, new technologically advanced systems and an innovative method for human resources development.
From the year 2000 Molteni Farmaceutici intensifies its research activity using its own internal operating unit and the collaboration of numerous university centers. In particular, in the therapeutic area of addictions, a scouting process is underway for new molecules in the early stage phase and new indications, concentrations and formulations are being developed and registered to ensure an increasing compliance and adherence to narcotic drugs treatments. In the field of pain treatment, the aim is to consolidate its position in the specialist sector through a portfolio management strategy that also involves the acquisition of international licenses for innovative products.
2006 sees the founding of Molteni Therapeutics, which successfully developed its own platform of innovative photosensitizing molecules and in 2015 concluded the process for obtaining the EU marking for its first medical device for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers with Photodynamic Therapy.
Molteni Farmaceutici has always maintained the best quality standards. The company’s goal is to achieve increasingly high production standards and therefore its products are in compliance with the European good manufacturing practice guidelines. Molteni Farmaceutici’s new plant in Florence is a modern facility, with innovative technological and scientific equipment, at the forefront in terms of quality and production volumes, and highly qualified staff. Its flagship is its business unit where aseptic technology injectable solutions are manufactured.
The quality of human resources has always been and still is a source of competitive advantage for Molteni Farmaceutici: for this reason, Molteni collaborates with the most prestigious experts in selection and assessment for staff recruiting on a national scale; furthermore, the new internal training unit carries out the continuous professional updating and development of each employee thanks to personal training plans.