A capacity for innovation and being ahead of its time, a passion for research and an ability to apply scientific advancements and sophisticated technologies to the pharmaceutical industry are the secrets of Molteni Farmaceutici’s success.
Among the challenges taken up by the company in this increasingly complex and competitive market is the treatment of addiction, a very sensitive and highly specialized field, with a strong economic and social impact. Integration of this treatment within a therapeutic pathway - mostly managed by dedicated specialist centers – and within the relevant model of care, characterizes Molteni Farmaceutici’s approach to addiction.
In this context, Molteni is able to combine tradition and innovation as it has a comprehensive portfolio of products allowing the treatment of various kinds of addiction, and it integrates their utilization within the treatment plans of dedicated and specialist units, by providing computerized systems for the provision of replacement therapy which are fully compliant with the regulations governing the use of such pharmaceuticals.
In order to satisfy the different needs of patients, Molteni produces as many as 30 formulations offering different dosages, concentrations and packaging materials, always with the utmost attention to quality and safety.