“A constantly changing reality since 1892”

1892 – early twentieth century

Molteni Farmaceutici was founded in 1892, the year the first Italian official Pharmacopeia was published. Alfredo Alitti, a young pharmacist from the Marche region, was appointed director of Leone Molteni’s pharmacy, one of the oldest in Florence, located in Piazza della Signoria.
In the backyard of the Molteni Pharmacy, Alfredo Alitti set up a laboratory where, with the help of Florentine glassmakers, he produced the first Italian sterilized hypodermic vials, thanks to a particular know-how acquired in France. These first vials were so successful that, in the early twentieth century, production was moved to a larger facility in Viale Principe Amedeo, close to Piazza Cavour, now Piazza della Libertà.
Together with his brother Aurelio, a chemistry graduate, Alfredo started large-scale production of injectable solutions, thanks to the enhancement of the particular know-how acquired in France, employed for the first time in Italy.
Among the most popular products, made known by some logistic ventures as the Italian Army campaign in East Africa during the First World War, Molteni’s Steridrolo, used to purify drinking water from stagnant pools and to disinfect wounds, had a major role.

1914 – 1940s

The company continued to expand and in 1914 Molteni moved to its new premises in via Mossotti, near the Fiesole Hill at San Gervasio (Florence). A variety of chemical and pharmaceutical products were developed in its laboratories, the most important being injectable anesthetics for hospital use, like the first injectable ampoules of Morphine and Cardiostenol, the first effective aids in the treatment of severe pain.
The twentieth century, around the thirties and forties, together with chemical-pharmaceutical production there is the successful start of high-end cosmetics production.


A subsequent growth of production volumes led to a further move in 1962 to larger plants in the industrial area of Scandicci, where it became the first manufacturing plant in the area. Today, its main production site is still there, with a view to further expansion.


Molteni Farmaceutici Polonia is established in Krakow, Poland.

From the year 2000

Molteni Farmaceutici intensifies its research activity using its own internal operating unit and the collaboration of numerous university centers. In particular, in the therapeutic area of addictions, a scouting process is underway for new molecules in the early stage phase and new indications, concentrations and formulations are being developed and registered to ensure an increasing compliance and adherence to narcotic drugs treatments. In the field of pain treatment, the aim is to consolidate its position in the specialist sector through a portfolio management strategy that also involves the acquisition of international licenses for innovative products.
2006 sees the establishment of Molteni Therapeutics, which successfully develops innovative products in the field of photodynamic therapy.
In 2012 Molteni Farmaceutici celebrated its 120 years of history from the date of its foundation.
In 2017 Molteni celebrates its 125 years. Molteni is leading a phase of considerable growth in turnover and margins, recording a significant improvement in all the main economic-financial indicators.
Over the last few years Molteni has also made significant progress in terms of structure and business organization; it has recently re-engineered its business processes obtaining in April 2017 the renewal of the ISO 9001 certification new 2015 standard; it is in the process of imminent transition to the ERP SAP system; in September 2017 it completed its management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 and will complete its 2017 Group consolidated financial statements according to the IAS/IFRS international accounting standards.

Celebrating its 120th anniversary

In 2012, Molteni Farmaceutici celebrated its first 120 years. The company, under the sponsorship of the Municipality of Florence, planned a program of meetings with national and local institutions, associations and major opinion leaders from the medical and pharmaceutical worlds.
120 years of ideas, projects and innovation. Years that have been emblematic for the development and consolidation of technology in the pharmaceutical industry.
120 years of history that demonstrate Molteni Farmaceutici’s ability to invest in professionalism, commitment and reliability.
The celebrations were a tangible demonstration that Molteni Farmaceutici increasingly wants to be a Florentine company that plays a leading role in Italy and worldwide, thanks to a constant and fruitful relationship with the local territory it belongs to.