Corporate Headquarters

Molteni Farmaceutici, with its products distributed in more than 25 countries, has 2 corporate offices in Italy (Florence and Milan), a sister company in Poland (Krakow) and is part of a joint venture in Great Britain (Scotland).
The main production site is in Scandicci, in the province of Florence: a modern, 10,000 m2 facility, supplied with innovative technological and scientific equipment allowing cutting-edge quality and production volumes.
The production plant manufactures sterile injectable vials, oral vials, syrups, gels and nasal sprays, with a capacity of over 10 million bottles of syrup per year and over 20 million vials per year.
The Milan office is instead a commercial office.

Krakow (Poland) - Molteni Farmaceutici Polonia was established in 1994 in Krakow and is the company’s first investment abroad: Poland has always been a critical node and therefore an excellent starting point for expansion into North-East Europe.
Today Molteni Polska sp.z.o.o. plays a key role in the commitment of Molteni Group at international level in the two main therapeutic areas of pain and addictions treatment. The country’s institutional and scientific stakeholders consider Molteni Polska sp.z.o.o a well-known and integrated company.

Great Britain - in 2016 Molteni Farmaceutici set up a joint venture in Scotland as a base for regulatory support and implementation of marketing and sales activities for the imminent marketing on that territory of the main products of its price list in the therapeutic areas of pain and addiction treatment.