Over a century of solid history, awareness of its quality and the ability to look with determination to the future and to its work with intense involvement, make the company a recognized excellence in the increasingly global pharmaceuticals market. Being Molteni is a recognized and shared value for all those people that work in the company each day, applying the highest ethical and qualitative standards in each process and behavior; excellence is a value and a goal achieved, but at the same time a goal to be achieved every day and certified by prestigious awards such as the Elite Certificate of the Italian Stock Exchange.
Molteni qualifies for its leadership, being a specialty leader in the opioid drug market, for the social responsibility it assumes from production to market distribution, with the conviction that its drugs and medical devices must meet the highest quality standards.
With the foresight that has always distinguished the company, the focus is always on change, improvement and innovation, the constant search for new long-term solutions that give "our people" a real life, free from suffering.

Code of Ethics Transparency