About Us

Time is a key factor for a company and the history of Molteni Farmaceutici represents its commitment, energy and century-long solidity expressed on our territory and in support of our patients.

Molteni Farmaceutici S.p.A is a specialty leader in the opioid drug market, a responsible company that has always been committed to researching and developing solutions for the treatment of pain and addiction, to safeguard patients’ quality of life and care.

Since the end of 2015, Molteni Farmaceutici has joined the selected panel of high-potential Italian companies admitted to the Elite project of Borsa Italiana; awarding in November 2017 the Elite Final Certificate in compliance with the growth path of its management and governance systems. Elite is the international integrated services platform created by Borsa Italiana to support and sustain the growth of our country’s companies of excellence. An authoritative and important certification, which rewards the goodness and quality of the growth path during the Molteni years.

Molteni Farmaceutici is a center of excellence in the European pharmaceutical industry and over time has gained its own individual competitive know-how in the development, production and marketing of opioid drugs.

A solid background, awareness of its value and an ability to look to the future with determination have all contributed to making Molteni Farmaceutici the Tuscan and Florentine center of excellence in the world’s pharmaceutical sector, for more than a century.

Molteni today and tomorrow

Molteni Farmaceutici’s new plant in Florence is a modern facility, with innovative technological and scientific equipment, at the forefront in terms of quality and production volumes, and highly qualified staff; its flagship is its firm aseptic manufacture technology of injectable solutions, employed in several business units structured according to their production capacity and pharmaceutical form.

In 2014 a new controlled contamination department for the production of narcotic nasal sprays was established; at present it is an European platform for the manufacture of a pain drug.

Molteni Farmaceutici entered the new millennium as a protagonist thanks to the intensive, high-level research activity being carried out at its own operating unit and with the collaboration of prestigious universities.

In particular, in the therapeutic area of addictions, a scouting process is underway for new molecules in the early stage phase and new indications, concentrations and formulations are being developed and registered to ensure an increasing compliance and adherence to narcotic drugs treatments. In the field of pain treatment, the aim is to consolidate its position in the specialist sector through a portfolio management strategy that also involves the acquisition of international licenses for innovative products.

2006 sees the founding of Molteni Therapeutics, which successfully develops innovative products in the field of photodynamic therapy. This company concluded in 2015 the first European authorized treatment of diabetic foot ulcers using photo-dynamic therapy.

A modern structure and organization

At a structural and organizational level, Molteni Farmaceutici has recently re-engineered its business processes, obtaining in April 2017 the renewal of the ISO 9001 certification new 2015 standard; it is in the process of imminent transition to the ERP SAP system; in September 2017 it completed its management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 and will fill in its 2017 consolidated Group financial statements according to the IAS/IFRS international accounting standards.

The molteni numbers

Today Molteni Farmaceutici has a staff of about 300 highly specialized employees of which 40% are engaged in production and 10% in development and research; there is a wide presence of female and young personnel.
The expected turnover for the current year is approximately 75 million euros, with expectations for the next three years of a compound growth rate estimated at 9.1% in the period 2017-2020. In 2016 the percentage of turnover achieved on foreign markets amounted to 19% and is expected to grow to around 30% in the current year. Its increased presence on international markets is one of the founding elements of the Company's growth strategy in the coming years.